New Year Thoughts

(Written right before the new year, but it got stuck in the pipes somewhere.)

New year.

What’s your new year looking like so far? For me, it’s looking busy. The holidays always bring more traffic through the motel and campground where I work, and since I’m in the southern hemisphere we have summer right now, too—which means extra busy!

So when you’re thinking of new year, what do you imagine? I always think of a time when I review the last year, see what I accomplished—and what I didn’t, see where I need to improve, and where things are going fairly well. I also think of making new plans—deciding what I want to aim for in the next few months, and what I need to do to complete them.

I also wonder if it’s worth all the effort of making high-reaching goals, ones that I know I might not have the time for in the end. Because, like it or not, I’m still going to be the same Esther when the clock hits five-past-midnight on New Year’s morning. I’m still going to struggle with the same faults I do now.

But then I think—if I don’t have a goal; if I don’t have anything to aim for, then I’m going to hopelessly drift. So I’m making plans. I’m challenging myself to do my work faster, better, and make more progress.

A few of my goals include:

  • Hosting some giveaways here. I love giveaways!
  • Being more proactive about keeping things on time
  • Signing up for another affiliate program or two (so you have more choices to chose from!)
  • Reading through the Bible in a year with my friend (we’re doing a chronological study; I think this’ll be fun!)
  • Being more consistent with my bedtime routine
  • Reading and reviewing lots of books!

I don’t think that’s everything that’s going to end up on my list, and most have definite goal numbers and due-by dates attached to them.

So how about you? What plans for the new year are you making?