Book Club Beginnings

Somewhere near the beginning of the year, I came across Tim Challies’ reading challenge. I don’t remember if I’ve ever seen it before, but when I saw the list—and imagined how much it would stretch my current reading habits!—I thought it might be worth a try. Just once.

After all, if I do finish even one portion of the list, I’ll have read some books I wouldn’t have normally read before, so that’s worthwhile in itself!

Some of the books in the challenge will be pretty easy to do, like biographies, or books published in 2018 (for the last few years, I’ve often had the chance to read to-be-released books, or recently released ones, so this shouldn’t be a problem!).

Book Club Beginnings 01

However, other books, such as one about current events, might be a bit trickier. I’m thinking of looking up one by Eric Metaxas, John Stonestreet, or maybe even Ravi Zacharias (you can tell by the first two that I listen to Breakpoint every once in a while!). Not sure yet about any of these, but we’ll see what I can find. If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

The first one I’m working on is one that is a bit more challenging for me: A book about theology. Although I really enjoy studying theology to a certain extent, I also can tend to get a little annoyed with it after a while, as many (at least seem to) end up being “better than you” kinds of thinking. Or else I’m just ready to move on to something more applicable to real life!

I ended up deciding on a book that is somewhat theological, although it actually deals more in apologetics, which is another fascinating subject. It’s Cold Case Christianity by J. Warner Wallace, and some of the facts and observations he brings out are extremely fascinating!

My second-oldest brother has joined me in reading Cold Case Christianity, as we happen to have both the adult and children’s versions. So in a sense, we’ve created a book club. Each day, we compare notes on what we’ve read, as the subject matter in each chapter coincides well. So far, it’s gone really well, and we’re both learning a lot!

What have you been reading lately? Have you ever participated in a reading challenge?