Week 25 Plans

Last week was a great week! Somewhat different from what I expected, but still a good week.

This week is looking interesting—our washer died about a week ago, so we need to get another one. That’s one day away from home, and then this weekend we’re hosting a Creation ministry meeting, which will be lots of fun but there will be some prep work that needs to be done. We’ll also get to have friends visit or come for dinner then, which is extra wonderful!

Anyway, with three different days full this next week, I’m planning a fairly light workload. Hopefully, I’ll have more time to work than I think I will, but we’ll see.

Last week’s list:

  1. Get links for books in doc 20 (finished Tuesday)
  2. Get covers for books in doc 20 (finished Monday)
  3. Contact author and send interview questions (done Tuesday and Thursday)
  4. Decide on hymn to research
  5. Research hymn
  6. Brainstorm ideas for hymn story
  7. Write 500 words in hymn story
  8. Finish The Old Man’s Home (haven’t read any more since the week before)
  9. Proofread doc 21 (finished Saturday)
  10. Proofread doc 4
  11. Finish uploading doc 20 (finished Thursday)
  12. Review Ante Up! (finished Friday)
  13. Spend 5 hours on new theme for website
The Cutest Walnut Picker-Upper

Sneak peek: The cutest walnut picker-upper!

This week’s list:

  1. Proofread doc 4
  2. Send this week’s newsletter (this always gets left until late, and I want to get it done earlier this week!)
  3. Plan what I’ll bake Friday (in preparation for meeting)
  4. Make a list of needed ingredients for baking
  5. Bake stuff on Friday!
  6. Schedule book reviews for this week
  7. Schedule book reviews for next week
  8. Edit/post walnut picking pictures
  9. Decide on hymn (I keep meaning to do this, but keep forgetting to look!)

Have a great week, and keep serving the Lord!

5 thoughts on “Week 25 Plans

  1. Good morning Esther! 🙂

    Just thinking of points 3, 4 and 5 on ‘This weeks’ list’….. I’m looking forward to the fruits of them! 😉

    Hope your day is going well…. especially in the context of points 3,4 and 5… .lol 🙂


      1. THAT is most definitely one of the reasons that I’m coming! 🙂 Really looking forward to it. My grandmother reckoned it was always a good idea to ‘triple’ the quantities of any recipe, as you never know when people will visit and it is always handy to have baking to hand. She died… and was relatively plump when she did so – few visited her, probably on account of the fact that her ‘baking’ consisted of burning a ‘substance’ which was probably better suited to filling cracks in walls than what it was eating…. But if you were to adopt a similar approach in terms of quantities baked, I’m fairly sure that neither an absence of visitors nor post-mortis plumpness would apply to you 🙂 In fact, I GUARANTEE it! 🙂

  2. PS – the word “Sample” implies ‘limited indulgence’…. “Gorge” may be a more appropriate verb…. 😛

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