God’s Surprises

This morning, I saw that this week’s five minute Friday prompt was the word “surprise”. Even though I’ve never done it before, I thought this would be a fun challenge, so below is my piece on the topic.

The rules: Write for five minutes straight, with no editing, on the topic given. Share online.

Easy enough . . . hopefully!

Bee on the Goldenrod


Surprises come in many different packages. Whether it’s your boss at work playing a prank on you, you sharing in a friends’ surprise party, or simply reading the Word and being surprised at its contents.

There are so many surprises in the world, and one thing that is often connected in my brain is the word surprise with the word mystery. Both are talked about in relation to God, and there’s that really fascinating verse by Paul, I think, that says the mysteries of God are now clearly seen—that’s butchered, I know, but you should get the drift.

I love that facet of His character. I love how there were (well, still are) mysteries about Him, but through Jesus coming here, living among us, Emmanuel, many mysteries have been cleared up. We can now understand the heart behind the old law, and yet there are so many things—threads—connecting both the old law and the new law.
Such as the oft-repeated command: “Obey my commandments, and you will have My blessing”—I’ve been noticing a lot of those in Numbers and Deuteronomy, and I know Jesus said that several times in John as well. That’s just one of the threads. The threads in His Word are fascinating! And there’s so many others, too!


Beautiful flowers!

I didn’t quite finish the thought, so here it is—God’s surprises and mysteries come in many ways. Many mysteries are made understandable through the Word. And many of His surprises come through His Word (wow; I didn’t know this verse/that meaning was there!).

Another interesting related thought is that He promises we will be blessed if we follow His commands (John 14:15—“If ye love me, keep my commandments.”) His blessings come in many forms. Perhaps it isn’t even very obvious at times, but I’ve found that in genuinely trying to care for others—through His strength, because I can’t on my own!—I get blessed in return.

Well, I enjoyed that. I’ll have to do it again.

In more down-to-earth daily life, we’ve had a coolish week this last week. We’ve had some beautiful days, a couple rain days, and today was a bit of a hot day. Praise the Lord, we got about 40 mm of rain (1 ½ inches) about three days ago—much needed, and much prayed for!

Last evening, as we were preparing to have Bible time, I noticed the beautiful sunshine coming through the trees. This picture doesn’t do it justice, but that combined with the ever-sunny Jerusalem artichoke flowers was a gorgeous sight!

As I near the end of this week, I want to pause and take in the beauty around me, all the little surprises God has packed into each day. Whether it’s the sunset, the heart-melting grin of my little sister, or the little brother that wants a cuddle and a story. I want to take it in, and in return thank Him for each one.

I also want to continue to delve deeper, learn more, study Him—and ask Him to make me more like the daughter of God, the “moon” of His Son, that He wants me to be.

Do you have anything you’re wanting to focus on this weekend, and the coming week as we approach the Easter season?

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One thought on “God’s Surprises

  1. I really appreciated this blog because it speaks of the life of Christ being expressed in us – not of ourselves….it’s the free gift of God. And then, the connection between this, and fulfilling His Word, by keeping his commands; He, whom having not seen, we love. And the recognition that we can only truly understand the law if we know the law giver. Indeed, “the Law was the schoolmaster to bring us to Christ.”

    And then I enjoyed knowing that after your meditations, you will take time to not just understand the heart and mind of the Creator, but also to enjoy His creation. That’s wonderful. The universe is FULL of evidence of Him…. and taking time to enjoy His handiwork so something that many have forgotten how to do, in the hustle and bustle of life.

    Finally, you ask a question: Is there anything that I wish to focus on as I approach Easter? Well, I have just received a poem from a dear Brother in Australia, now in his eighties. He loves the Lord; poetry is his thing. I thought that I’d attach it here as I think that you may enjoy it. In any event, I am sure that the words of our mouths and the meditations of our heart will be acceptable to God, as we delight in Him. “Give ear to my words, O Lord, consider my meditation.Hearken unto the voice of my cry, my King, and my God: for unto thee will I pray. My voice shalt thou hear in the morning, O Lord; in the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee, and will look up.”

    He called his poem: “NOT ‘EASTER’ but a new life!”

    Easter’s really not the word,
    to give the proper meaning,
    to the day that Jesus died,
    upon a Cross and bleeding,
    gave His body, soul and spirit,
    for a world of sin,
    to unlock the gates of heaven,
    that we may enter in!

    Such forgiveness seems unreal, for sinners such as I!
    And yet ‘tis true for all who turn…their sinful ways deny.
    Not getting all religious though, that covers sin within!
    But simply loving Jesus true, and live for pleasing Him!

    So born-again we really are…
    a new life, yes, within!
    Not like new cloth to old is added!
    but no!…we’re fully His!
    So habits old that aren’t of God,
    are truly dead and gone!
    We’re simply walking in the Light,
    which from the Cross has shone!

    And what a blessing we can be to others all around;
    To share with them the joy and peace
    that through our Lord we’ve found!
    So that together we may join in worship loud and clear,
    To Him Who died for you and me, that we from sin be free!

    – See also 1 Peter 2:22-25, 2 Corinthians 5:17 –

    Have a wonderful Easter! 🙂

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