Midweek Mix-Up #15: A World War II Novel and Science Books

I realized today that it’s been a long time since I last had a midweek mix-up and perhaps it’s getting about time for another! (For one thing, my “links to share” folder is getting very full!)

Little Brother

Little brother wading in the creek out front of our place. He loved it!

We’ve been having beautiful weather the past couple days—rain, that is slowly working at bringing our side of the country back to life after the 1 ½-year drought we’ve just had. Perfect weather for reading, although I haven’t read as much as I wanted to—there have been to many other things that I’ve also wanted to get done!

Reading lately:

212—Resist by Emily Ann Putzke

Resist by Emily Ann Putzke
Progress: 40%

Emily sent this to me as an advance reader copy—it will be released next month. I’ve been finding the story fascinating! Even though it is written as a fictitious autobiography, it’s basically a biography of a fascinating man—Hans Scholl—and how he worked against the Nazis through publishing a leaflet. The historical value in this story is high—well researched, and presented in an interesting way. I have come across some words I don’t appreciate (taking God’s name in vain and some swearing), but overall so far I recommend the story. View the trailer here!

New reviews this week:

Corner Booth by Chautona HavigCorner Booth by Chautona Havig
After sharing a booth with a complete stranger at a local cafe, Carlie ends up meeting him for lunch every week—even though he never says a word to her.

Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney — Favorite childhood picture book!
Miss Rumphius has fulfilled her dreams of traveling the world, but what can she do to make the world a more beautiful place, as her grandfather told her to do?

Hidden Rainbow by Christmas Carol KauffmanHidden Rainbow by Christmas Carol Kauffman — I really enjoyed this story, just like I’ve enjoyed all the other CCK books I’ve read!
Living in a strongly Catholic village in Serbia in the early 1900s, the Olesh family had a difficult time learning the truth.

Mystery in the Frozen Lands by Martyn Godfrey
13-year-old Peter is with an expedition in the High Arctic, searching for Sir John Franklin’s missing expedition.

248—The House That George Built by Suzanne SladeThe House That George Built by Suzanne Slade
One of George Washington’s jobs, as the first President of the United States, was to design and have built a house for the president to live in.

Exploring Creation With Human Anatomy and Physiology by Jeannie Fulbright and Brooke Ryan — Personally, I’ve grown to really appreciate Apologia’s science. This book (as well as the one below) both sounded like great textbooks when Mom was doing it with the boys! I’ve used two of their highschool science textbooks, and both were excellent.
A God-honoring study of the human body and all its systems, for elementary-age children.

Exploring Creation With Zoology 1: Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day by Jeannie K. Fulbright
This is an in-depth study of birds, bats, flying reptiles, and insects, for elementary-age children.

Interesting and encouraging blog posts:

The 4 Types of Productivity Styles (99u) — I’m a mix of the Planner and the Visualizer (I love color!). Lots of really fascinating and helpful tools and programs here, too.

A List of Smells and Tastes (Go Teen Writers) — This is a great list! Lots of wonderfully descriptive words, and there’s a printable PDF, too, if you wish to go that way! I’ll be keeping this link around—it will be very handy!

From the Keurig to the French Press (Kindred Grace) — This is a beautiful, encouraging article. So often, I too find myself busy with not enough time to relax and be thankful for what God has given me. A great reminder of where our priorities should be!

Twitter 101 by Dora Hiers (Seriously Write) — I think I need to read over this post every few weeks, until I really “get” how this whole Twitter thing works. This was very helpful, though!

The Only Habit You Need as a Writer (The Write Practice) — Very encouraging blog post, and very practical. Just sit down and string some words together, it’s that simple. Simplicity is sometimes so needed! This is one of the things I want to keep working on!

Be Brave (Everyday Encouragements) — It’s so easy to be fearful, and so hard to step out in faith sometimes. This beautiful blog post/devotion is very encouraging and thought-provoking.

In God’s Waiting Room by Jodie Wolfe (Seriously Write) — You know the thing I love about Seriously Write? It’s Christian, unapologetically Christian. In this challenging post, Jodie shares how sometimes we do need to wait on God’s timing—but that is no reason to stop improving altogether! I was encouraged and inspired through these simple, yet profound thoughts.

Well, that’s it for this week! I’d do more, but it’s already late and I want to get to bed on time. Have a wonderful rest-of-the-week!