Why Purposeful Families are Important

Recently, while reading part of my school work, I came across an interesting quote that reinforced the thought for me that purposeful families are important. By “purposeful”, I mean purposefully teaching children the skills they will need as they grow up—intentionally helping them learn the things that will make or break them as adults.

Why Purposeful Families are Important

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Here’s the quote:

“Families that have lost their knowledge of God’s dictated authority channels will not raise their children with the sense of honoring others that they should have. Children that grow up without learning to honor authorities will not know how to honor and follow church leaders or government authorities, and subsequently the nation will have many troubles in trying to retain order within its borders.” (That’s the quote in my own words. It originated in The Westminster Shorter Catechism: For Study Classes.)

To think that it all starts in the home—in the family—that discipline affects all areas of life, not only just disappointing parents if the children aren’t taught right, but also causing problems for the church and the nation besides!

All goes to prove how seriously I, as an older sister, should take my responsibility toward my younger siblings. Yes, I need to be fun and be a good friend, but when it comes to teaching them that they need to respect my wishes, I need to learn to not give in so much.

Do you ever have a problem with not being firm enough? Please tell me—it’d be a comfort to know I’m not the only one!


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