Midweek Mix-Up: Mud Flats and a POW

Welcome to this week’s midweek mix-up! I enjoy putting these together, although sometimes life does not allow that to happen. I hope you enjoy them, anyway, when I do get them up!

What I’ve been reading lately:

The Sound of Diamonds, by Rachelle Rea

The Sound of Diamonds, by Rachelle Rea
Progress: Finished.

I ended up mostly enjoying this book. While I didn’t appreciate the romance as much, I loved reading about the time period and seeing all the historical tidbits through the story. I’ll be writing a full review to post on my personal blog soon.

In the Presence of Mine Enemies, by Howard and Phyllis Rutledge

In the Presence of Mine Enemies, by Howard and Phyllis Rutledge
Progress: Finished.

I loved this book! Although it does have some adult content, it was spiritually very encouraging and I loved the historical value of the book—as well as getting a glimpse into what the daily life of a POW is like. I’ll be posting a full review of this book on the site sometime in September or October, Lord willing. (Please note that this book includes some adult content, all in relation to the way the Vietnamese treated their prisoners. It is not a suitable read for children.)

What I’ve been doing lately:

As a family, we just got back from a fun trip with our aunt who is currently visiting us! We went up to the north part of the island we live on, and had a wonderful week of exploration, walking, fascinating history, and family time.

That view!

Right: One of the gorgeous views we were treated to along the mudflats at Farewell Spit.
Left: One of my brothers trying to hide from the camera.


New books on the website this week:

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Resource of the week:

I’ve recently come across AppSumo, a site that highlights good deals or freebies of truly useful things. Not too long ago, they had Scrivener for less than half it’s normal price on there. Then soon after, they had a freebie offered of Joseph Michael’s Learn Scrivener Fast course. Just yesterday, I got an email offering Workflowy Pro for free for a year. I’d highly recommend you sign up for their email newsletters (which you can do either by creating an account through “login > not a member yet” or by “claiming” a freebie)—this is a resource worth keeping.