Incorporating God’s Truth into Ordinary Life

I’m finding I like short, to-the-point posts. Which do you prefer—short, or longer posts? In today’s post, I’m discussing incorporating God’s truth into ordinary life — not only when you’re reading the Bible together as a family, but also when you’re studying history—or doing the dishes together.

Recently, I was reading a little book called Bomby the Bombardier Beetle. As I read, I was amazed at how easily the story of creation was woven naturally into the story.

Later, I realized that we can just as easily weave those truths into different parts of our homeschooling! Perhaps we won’t be teaching on creation as such, but maybe we can teach about the fall of man, or the beauty of redemption, or something else.

“x IMG_5258” by David Hill via Flickr

For example: If you’re studying World War II, you can read about the Jews that were saved, imagining their elation at their freedom from fear. Compare that to the elation of a prisoner being released, and you have a picture of Christ setting us free.

Or perhaps you are studying ancient Persia, and come across an account of King Cyrus’ miraculous rescue from death as a baby. From there, you have the perfect springboard to discuss God’s interest and working in the world as well as in personal affairs.

Maybe you’re just doing the dishes together, and notice a tree coming into bloom. This could easily develop into a thought on the new life Christ gives us, or the perfection God has put into the world so that everything happens at their proper times.

There are beautiful lessons all around us. We aren’t called to discuss each one, but when the chance arises it is a blessing to share Biblical truths with the eager learners we are teaching.

What are some ways you are incorporating God’s truth into your daily life?

(Photo credit: “x IMG_5258”, by David Hill via Flickr, is used under CC BY 2.0. Text added to original.)