The Legacy We Leave

Amy Carmichael was a remarkable woman. From the age of eighteen and on, after receiving a clear call to go work for the Lord, she devoted her life to bringing Christ to all those she met. She especially felt called to the poor, uncared for women in the countries she lived in throughout her lifetime.

From her mid twenties and on, she struggled with sickness—sometimes laying her so low she could not rise from her bed for weeks on end. Yet even in those “lowest of the low” times, she did all she could to enlighten the Western world to the great needs of those around her, and she still continued to do her best to love, care for, and help all the needy who called her “mother”. She always pressed on in her work, even when her body was failing her. She allowed nothing to get her down.

Amy left a legacy that has come down to us over the years: Perseverance. And yet, as I see the life I’m leading, I have to ask myself: When I’m on my deathbed, perhaps saying the last goodbye to my grandchildren, what will they remember me for?

Will they remember me as a happy, interested friend, or as a sober, aloof figure called “family”? Will I be remembered as pushy? Greedy? Unthoughtful? Wasteful?

Amy is remembered for giving her all—can I ever hope to attain to any level of that ideal?

Not that we want to glorify her in anyway—no. I believe that without Jesus she never would have done half the amount she did do. But she did leave us a beautiful illustration of what happens when Jesus fills all, does all, and we allow ourselves to be simply His servants.

May we ever remember that we are leaving our fingerprints on the lives of others—and ask the Lord to help us leave the best legacy we can for those who will come after.