Why You Need a Simple Atmosphere for Writing (+ free program!)

A year and a half ago, I wrote my first novel. Along with many other writers, I had taken the NaNoWriMo challenge, an incentive program designed to help you break through your writers block and simply get words out on the page. During the month of November, I challenged myself to write 50k words.

That was completed within three weeks, and one program that helped me immensely to get the words out on the page was FocusWriter. FocusWriter provided a superbly simple atmosphere for writing — and I was able to focus much better on content creation, rather than being distracted by fancy formatting.

Why You Need a Simple Atmosphere for Writing (+ free program!)

Photo courtesy of Pixabay/Unsplash | License: CC0 1.0

Today, I’d like to introduce you to FocusWriter.

But first . . . .

What Happens When You Have a Simple Atmosphere

  • Your productivity soars. When you work in a clutter-free environment, your targets for the project are clearer. You also will have a happier attitude because you can’t see the other—perhaps not as important—work you need to attend to.
  • Perfection becomes a non-issue. When you can forget about having it just perfect, you can focus on the content instead of the container. (P.S.—Simple often also equals elegant, even though we may not realize it right away.)
  • The process becomes more important that the end goal. When this happens, you can enjoy it more. Yes, you do want to keep the end goal in mind. But if you can focus more on getting words on the page than on what you want the polished masterpiece to look like, you’ll make more progress than you do dreaming about the end goal.

I’ve been using FocusWriter for several years now, on and off. At times, I prefer other writing environments better, but as far as a simple atmosphere I can’t beat this program. If you’re looking for a distraction-free writing environment, check FocusWriter out—it may just be the tool you need to get your work done well.

(Disclaimer: I recieve nothing from recommending FocusWriter. I have just found this tool very useful in my own writing life, so I’m sharing it in the hopes that you will find it helpful, too.)